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The synergy of technology & marketing has transformed the entire industrial landscape. Customers & businesses now seamlessly interact with each other to strengthen the bond. With the evolving landscape of marketing, a lot of things including customer experience have transformed, or better say, improved in different ways. 

Advertising is one of the most vital branches of marketing. Product promotion is essential to voice the brand. But here’s the catch – advertising doesn’t provide customer experience. As per McKinsey Global, data-driven organizations have 25% more chances of acquiring & retaining customers.

Brands often miss out on different touchpoints to connect with customers. However, businesses can improve their customer experience with the help of Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions. They help to consolidate customer data in a  unified way by offering a supreme quality digital experience.

As you leaf through the blog, you’ll understand more about the digital experience and how it must be optimized to make it more humanized. Is there a technology for the same? Keep reading!

Apprehending Digital Experience

When a business actively interacts with its customers, by using different points of communication, it is known as offering a digital customer experience (DCX). The digital customer experience revolves around offering seamless customer service over various touchpoints in a unified manner. 

A sturdy digital customer experience aids a business in figuring out the following:

  • Learning about the customer journey to understand customer behavior & interaction over different channels.
  • Storing customer data in a centralized place where it can be accessed to gain better insights into understanding the customer journey.
  • Being proactive in interacting with customers & offering personalized recommendations.


However, businesses face some shortcomings if they solely rely on digital customer experience. Read next to find out.

Shortcomings of Digital Customer Experience   

Lack of Human Touch

Automating all operations makes a business lose its grip on understanding customers’s requirements in the journey. Hence, it becomes tough for customers to seek the right resolution promptly.

Lack of Consistency

85% of businesses understand the essentiality of customer engagement. Customers tend to get frustrated if a brand is unable to provide adequate resolution or fails to provide customized recommendations through different touchpoints. 

Staggering Data

A business meets its objectives by interacting with its customers through different communication channels. This helps them in the collection of the essential data in the form of engagement, purchase behavior, interaction, etc., Hence, managing colossal units of data becomes challenging.

Some technologies and strategies aid in creating a responsive customer experience. Though it simplifies the customer journey, personalized experience is not guaranteed. Customers buy from people; not companies.

Hence, a human touch can do wonders in streamlining the customer experience.

Top Ways of Humanizing & Improving Digital Customer Experience

Customer Is The King

Businesses, to offer a seamless customer experience, must plan & execute all their strategies by keeping customers on the frontline. Deloitte found in a study that customer-centric companies spun 60% higher profits as compared to companies that weren’t customer-centric.

Companies can become customer-centric by focusing on minute factors like customer feedback, provision of unified support to customers, measuring scalability, etc., Amazon is the biggest example here. It has always focused on simplifying the customer journey by helping them get the best deal as per their behavior.

Identifying & Understanding Customer Journey

Mapping the customer journey helps in understanding how the customer interacts with a brand, the mode of communication, and the average time spent during the interaction.

Though this aids in carving better strategies that enhance responsive customer experience, it has a threshold after which human support becomes vital. It can be fixed easily by segmenting the customers according to preferences. 

This further helps to gain a better understanding of gaps in customer service & revitalizes customer experience.

Avoiding Overuse of Artificial Intelligence

Automation has been rapidly replacing its human counterparts & ChatGPT is one of the hottest examples. Though AI renders omnichannel solutions faster than humans, it still lacks the human ability to assess individual requirements.

Overuse of AI in customer service leads to failure in understanding perplexing customer queries that cannot be redressed by AI, inability to meet customer expectations, and delayed response.

The human capability of resolving queries is far better as compared to AI. This has become a key reason for a lot of companies to strike a balance between AI support & human representatives for a better customer experience.

Delivering Omnichannel Customer Experience

A flawless customer experience exists when brands stay in touch with their customers across channels. Since the support team has access to the customer behavior stats, it knows the communication channels used by customers to reach out to the brand.

Maintaining this consistency helps to accelerate the growth of the business, retain customers with real-time support, and identify the right communication channels for customers to offer prompt support services.

Gathering Customer Feedback

Collecting customer feedback proactively is the greatest tool for augmenting customer experience without additional expenses. Being a key growth driver of businesses, customer feedback helps in implementing better customer experience strategies in the future.

Customer feedback can be acquired in multiple ways, like filling & submitting forms, feedback emails, etc., Even if the feedback is negative, the support staff must figure out the inefficiencies & try to fix them at the earliest to ensure a seamless customer experience.  

Humanizing Customer Interactions

In conclusion, humanizing the digital customer experience is paramount in forging meaningful connections between businesses and consumers. By infusing technology with a human touch, organizations transcend mere transactions to create memorable and emotionally resonant interactions. 

Understanding and addressing customer needs on a personal level fosters loyalty, trust, and satisfaction, driving long-term success. In an increasingly digital landscape, where face-to-face interactions are limited, the humanization of customer experiences becomes a vital bridge, ensuring that technology serves as a facilitator rather than a barrier.


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It has a vast product line that comprises wallboards, chatbots, unified agent desktops, helpdesk tools, and smart CTI connectors. They are compatible with contact centers like Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, Dialpad, Five9, NICE, Webex, and Zoom.  

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