How to Delete Your Microsoft Email Account

In the digital age, email is one of the primary modes of communication. Yet, there may come a time when you need to declutter your digital life, and that could include closing down an email account. If the account in question is a Microsoft email, be it,,, or even an address, the process to deactivate it is straightforward, but with some important caveats to be aware of. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to delete your Microsoft email account and also highlight the things you should consider before taking this big step.

Before You Delete Your Microsoft Email Account

Back-Up Your Data: Before proceeding with deletion, ensure you save emails, contacts, files, or any other important information you may need from your Microsoft account.

Check Subscription Services: If you have any subscriptions tied to your Microsoft email, such as Office 365, Skype, or Xbox Live, ensure that you cancel them or switch the subscription to another email.

Change Email on Other Accounts: If your Microsoft email is the recovery email for other accounts, make sure you change this to a different email address before deletion.

Review Your Privacy Settings and Permissions: You’ll want to check any third-party access permissions you’ve granted through your Microsoft account and revoke them as necessary.

Steps to Delete Your Microsoft Email Account

Sign-In: Go to the Microsoft account closure page https // Sign into the account you would like to close.

Review Account Closure Information: Microsoft will provide information on what means to close your account. Review this to understand the consequences of closure.

Verify Your Identity: For security purposes, Microsoft may ask for additional information to ensure that you are the rightful owner of the account.

Additional Security Checks: You may need to check any outstanding charges or cancel any subscriptions associated with the account.

Select a Reason: You will be prompted to provide a reason for your departure. Choose the one that best fits your situation.

Final Confirmation: Once you’ve confirmed that you understand the account closure process, Microsoft will mark your account for closure.

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Impact of Account Deletion

Be aware that once you have deleted your account, there are irreversible changes such as:

Loss of access to all data stored on OneDrive,, and other Microsoft services.

If you’ve used the email account to sign in to any device, you’ll no longer be able to access them post-deletion.

All data associated with the email, including emails and contacts, will be permanently deleted.

Wait Period

Microsoft doesn’t immediately delete your account. There is a 60-day waiting period in case you change your mind. During this time, you can still recover your account by simply logging back in.

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Deleting your Microsoft email account is a significant action with lasting impacts, so it should not be done impulsively. Once you are sure, follow the steps provided to close the account successfully. Remember to take care of all the important considerations beforehand.

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