What Crucial Shopify Store Management Responsibilities Can You Offload to a VA?

Have you been running a Shopify store all by yourself for a while now? If yes, you might be feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities that you must adhere to to streamline your store operations. But you can’t neglect any of it, as it would directly affect your business proficiency! 

So, what can be done to ease your stress while maintaining the proficiency of Shopify store operations? Well, you can consider hiring a Shopify virtual assistant

You can offload almost all of your store management responsibilities to Shopify VA and be free from monotonous or repetitive tasks. With this, you can now utilize the time you saved for other core operations of your Shopify business. 

So, if you are here on this post, you have already planned on delegating your Shopify store management tasks to the dedicated VAs. But there might still be some confusion on what tasks you can actually offload. So, this article is all about enlightening you with some of the responsibilities that you can hand out to your VAs without second thoughts. 

Who is a Shopify VA?

Shopify VA is a professional who is trained and skilled in order to handle store management responsibilities for businesses like yours. He/she will be a remote workforce member with a specialization in managing and growing your online store that’s built on the Shopify platform. 

May it be product listing, customer service, order fulfillment, marketing or any other roles, your Shopify virtual assistant is capable of handling them all. As they are capable of taking a lot of these tasks from your plate, you will find yourself less stressed and cluttered for being able to focus on other core necessities of the business. 

The best thing about hiring a store management VA is you don’t have to follow any regional or geographic restrictions. It means you can hire a remote VA from almost any location around the globe, which will allow you to explore the global talent pool and search for the ideal candidate. 

With such a professional backing your store operations, you can expect the utmost customer satisfaction and a better drive for improved sales or revenue. If you are in a dilemma of whether bringing a Shopify virtual assistant to business is relevant, be assured you are on the right track to attain success for the brand. 

What are the Shopify Responsibilities that You Can Delegate to the VAs?

Here are the top responsibilities that you can delegate or offload to a Shopify VA and ease your management burdens:

1. Product Listing & Optimization:

When you hire a Shopify virtual assistant, one of the most crucial tasks you must hand out to them is product listing or optimization. Uploading products to the store is a very time-consuming job, but it is equally important to enhance the search engine visibility and inventory management. Therefore, let VAs take over this task and help you create and optimize the product listing efficiently. 

2.Order Processing:

When you have a Shopify VA taking care of your business operations, they can handle order processing aspects and keep a tab on the current status. Not only that, but they will also track the shipments and handle all queries correlated to the orders made by customers. 

3. Marketing & Advertising:

When running a Shopify business, you will need optimal marketing and advertising efforts backed by impactful strategies. To ensure your multi-tasking capabilities don’t deteriorate your marketing proficiency, hire a Shopify virtual assistant to run marketing campaigns on Google Ads, social media and other such channels to get you a good flow of traffic and higher sales. 

4.SEO Optimization:

What’s a good eCommerce site that isn’t working on SEO? Well, when you are running a Shopify store, SEO becomes very important in order to gain a good ranking over the SERPs. But, optimizing the product listings and website content for SEO norms might be an add-on burden for you. Therefore, offloading this task to VAs offering eCommerce store management services will deal with keyword research site optimization and will create an effective SEO strategy. 

5. Analytics & Reporting:

Just as important as it is to acquire more sales and customers for your Shopify business, it is also crucial to analyze the data and metrics. And that’s because analyzing site traffic, customer behavior and sales rate will help you determine different improvement areas within your store operations and support data-driven decisions. 

6. Content Creation:

Your Shopify store will be accessed by the audience, mostly for the demanding products you sell. But they will stay on your site and feel engaged by the content that’s on it. Therefore, may it be your site content or product description content, every line should be catchy enough to hook the audience to it. Hire the VAs offering eCommerce store management services, and get quality and SEO-rich content for your product descriptions, site design or blog posts. 

7. Competitor Analysis:

Upon hiring a Shopify VA, you can also delegate the task of analyzing your competitors. This way, you will be able to determine the areas where you lag in comparison to your rivals in the industry and cope with competing and being on the top. Not just that, but with competitor analysis, your VAs will also help specify the SEO strategies that the rivals are implementing to rank higher in the industry and adopt an improved approach for your store. 

8. Inventory Management:

One of the most crucial tasks that a Shopify VA is capable of handling is inventory management. Starting from maintaining the stock levels or updating the site for new products, your VA can take the all-round inventory management responsibilities. They will be responsible for connecting with the suppliers for placing re-stocking orders upon receiving the low-stock alerts. 

Parting Words

So, these were some of the crucial Shopify store management tasks that you can offload to your virtual assistant. This way, you will find it easy to manage your store operations without being directly involved in all of them. You can be at the back for supervision, while your Shopify VA will do the major work. 

In the end, you will have the proficiency to focus more on the business expansion plans while the repetitive or monotonous tasks are attended to by the Shopify VAs. To find the best agencies with top-rated virtual assistants to take on the simple or complex responsibilities of your Shopify business.  

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