Arena Breakout Season 3 – Into The Vault Making Waves!

Introduced in the month of June 2023, Arena Breakout is providing tough competition to other FPS Games present in the mobile market such as Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile! With it’s realistic approach towards movement as well as weapon handling and a new twist on the traditional Batle-Royale gaming mechanics, Arena Breakout is standing out amongst all the other top competitors in the Mobile FPS Gaming Market! Not to forget, it has won the 2023 Mobile Game of the Year!

Not only that, with the upcoming Season 3 Update known as “Into The Vault”, lots of new features have been introduced such as an engaging new story as well as a new map, weapons set and equipment for you to get back into the action!

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All new season – All new features!

The new update has occurred on January 19 and a new series of events have been added into the game known as Warring Factions, where players get to choose between two factions. You get to play either as members of the Blackgold Universal, also known as Colom, or oppose them by playing as the White Wild Squad, also known as Tevila.

Once the player has chosen a faction of their choice, they will fight for them on the brand new TV Station Map where three new bosses, Kurt, Rolf and Bernard will be waiting to eliminate anyone who stands in their way.

Once you’ve eliminated them, breach the vault and gain the valuable intel that could turn the tide in this never-ending war in Kamona.

New Weapons, Equipment and Rewards

Sometimes, the stealthy approach is not always the right option to complete missions. Go out with a bang with these faction-exclusive weapons such as the FAMAS Assault Rifle and the Groza.

Let’s not forget about the AUG Assault Rifle and the Suomi submachine gun, the new weapons that can help you clear corners against the three bosses preventing you to reach the elevator before the vault!

If you need more protection apart from the durable armor that you are wearing, a new modifiable gun shield for the RPK is available, which is more than capable of blocking bullets from the front.

Now that we have talked about the weapon and equipment, it is time to talk about the rewards that come with the brand new Season 3 “Into The Vault” Update! The Onotos Premium Gold Bounty Crafting Event lasts for the whole season where items are used to participate and craft the one of a kind gold, silver helmets along with Level 3-5 helmets and Koen that can help you increase your chances of winning!

Not only that, special Air Drops will drop in almost all known Map locations, such as Farm, Valley, Northridge and Port Maps (including the Lockdown Zones) that contain Blueprints, Steel Plates and Ingots which can help in crafting helmets!To enhance your gaming experience even further, check out the top up service for Arena Breakout U7BUY!

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