Best City To Live in South Africa

Best City To Live in South Africa

Undoubtedly South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa with its breathtaking landscapes to stunning wildlife. Due to its multicultural population and being a home for expats, it has earned the title of “Rainbow Nation.”

However, it is an important decision in one’s life to decide where they want to live. Therefore, it is important to consider all factors before making a final call. This country offers you a wide range of options from very relaxed and coastal places to a fast-paced one. Depending on your taste you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Let’s have a look at some of the best options to live in South Africa.

  • Cape Town

Cape Town is a perfect blend of urban living and natural beauty, thus winning for itself the title of “The Mother City.” Anyone looking for a big city life Cape Town is for you. Being South Africa’s one of three capital cities, Cape Town is named one of the best cities to live in the world.

From its vibrant nightlife to world-class shopping malls and dining places, this city is an art in itself. However, it is mainly famous for its outdoor activities like hiking and biking in Table Mountain National Park.  It’s a great place to live especially for English speakers.

Due to the increase in tourism, there is a bloom in real estate development offering a wide range of options. Besides it has some of the best schools to choose from. It has the best-developed infrastructure with reliable public transport.

The monthly cost of living in Cape Town is $1,132/ per month.

  • Durban

Durban, South Africa’s third largest city has some of the best surf spots in the world. Nothing can beat the warm embrace of Durban. Durban is a paradise for all foodies as it is known for its unique culinary offerings.  This place is a great option for young people due to its vibrant lifestyle.

Apart from its beaches and food, this city is a hub of art and culture.  You will find a range of housing options consisting of beachfront apartments to suburban homes. Moreover, its tropical weather makes it perfect for holiday living. Durban has a blend of all cultures and lifestyles and is famous for its shark-cage driving.

The monthly cost of living in Durban is $862/ per month.

  • Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a sprawling city with its friendly yet hipster-ready buzz of culture and regeneration. Being the economic hub of South Africa, it offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere including great restaurants, shops, and amazing nightlife. Although this city is a bit fast-paced at the same time it offers the best entertainment.

Some of the best highlights of this city include Nelson Mandela Square, Gold Reef City, and Maboneng. In Johannesburg, you will find plenty of real estate options consisting of luxury apartments to affordable homes. It is home to the largest trade center in Africa “Jozi” thus creating numerous entrepreneurial as well as job opportunities.

The daily cost of living in Johannesburg is $905/per month.

  • Pretoria

Unlike Cape Town and Johannesburg, Pretoria offers a more relaxed life. Being famous for its beautiful Jacaranda trees, this is a flower-filled metropolis. However, there are also museums and historical sites to explore. It is the best place to live for those looking for a slow-paced city life.

It is famous for its family-friendly communities and lifestyle estates. Being the country’s administrative capital, Pretoria is full of government buildings. Apart from its administrative features, Pretoria is also home to three universes and numerous research centers, making it an academic city as well. Besides, this city also offers cracking wildlife considering its three botanical gardens and zoo.

The daily cost of living in Pretoria is $783/per month.

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