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Understand the key to using solar panels to harness the sun’s energy and change the world. As per the report, the Inflation Reduction Act provides a 30% tax credit for the cost of solar panel installation. Installing solar panels on your rooftop can save you on increasing electric bills.

The solar energy sectors play a significant role in keeping industrial processes running and supplying electric power to homes. Specific infrastructure is needed to provide the best and highest-quality solar panels. 

Solar energy is direct energy that we get from sunlight. Solar energy relies on subatomic particles called photons to produce electricity. The photons travel from the sun to Earth within eight minutes, colliding with solar panels, thus initiating the photovoltaic effect.

In the solar panels, the photons are converted into electrons. Solar panels convert photons into direct current and then into alternate current. This electricity can now be used for home and business applications.

Working of solar panels:

These cells absorb the radiation from the Sun. Then, the electrons within the solar cell get energy that helps them escape their bonds, forming an electric current. That current is called the direct current and is then converted into an alternate current by the solar inverter system. The alternate current can now be used for home and business processes.

Solar panel installation:

The installation of solar panels offers a wide range of advantages. A solar energy system can reduce and help you save on your electric bill. Solar Energy Supply can also offer you a money-back guarantee through SRECs, that is, the solar renewable energy credits. Moreover, solar panels are easy to install & maintain. Solar panel systems generate electricity in any climatic condition.

Advantages of solar panels:

Some of the major advantages of installing solar panels are as follows:

  • Solar panels are energy-saving: Solar panels provide a great opportunity to generate a huge power supply for homes and workplaces. The installation comes with cost-effectiveness. The average payback period for solar panels, according to some sources, is considered to be six to twelve years.
  • Solar panels offer an unlimited power supply: According to a report from the US Department of Energy, electricity consumption is in demand. This can lead to an increase in electricity bills. The installation of solar panels can be highly effective in providing an abundant power supply, thus saving the electric bill.
  • Solar panels are viable for home applications. The direct current from solar panels generates an alternate current, which is used in home and business applications. Solar panel energy is a renewable source of energy that does not lead to carbon emissions, making it environment-friendly.
  • Solar panels offer independent installation: Unlike the electric power grids, the installation of solar panels is independent. The solar power can be available in the power outages areas
  • Remote location installation of solar panels: Solar panels remote installation is one of the best ways to get a power supply to your advantage.

Top 5 solar panel manufacturers in India: 

The list of the Top 5 solar panel manufacturers in India in the sector of solar energy in India is as follows:

  • Loom Solar: Loom Solar is the frontline solar energy manufacturing industry in India. The manufacturing industry was established in 2018 in Faridabad, Haryana. The manufacturer offers a clean generation of energy along with the maintenance of the channel sales network. That caters to a network with over 3500 resellers in over 500 different districts of states of India. The annual manufacturing capacity of Loom Solar is measured to be 100 MW.
  • Tata Power Solar: Tata Power Solar has been the leader in the solar industry for over three decades. It provides the scope of generating clean energy for domestic, industrial, and commercial use. The solar energy is manufactured with an in-house production of 500MW of cell manufacturing lines with a capacity of 528MW & capacity of 635MW for modules. 
  • Adani Solar: The Adani Solar was set up in the year 20216. The solar manufacturer in India provides a 4GW manufacturing capacity of solar energy. The company provides two types of modules, mono-facial and bifacial, in PERC technology. That helps to cater to a huge source of solar energy. In recent news, Adani Solar is engaged in creating an ecosystem for 10GW solar PV manufacturing in India. 
  • Servotech Power Systems Ltd.- The solar manufacturer contributes to the clean generation of solar energy with meticulously engineered solar panels. Solar manufacturers provide extensive manufacturing of highly advantaged solar products such as solar inverters, solar batteries, and solar panels, along with the services of Solar EPC. 
  • Patanjali: Patanjali is one of the major manufacturers in India’s solar industry sector. Patanjali Solar has an existing capacity of 72 MW solar energy. The manufacturing industry has set the goal of increasing the operational capacity to 500 MW by the end of the year 2023.

The top 5 solar panel companies in India are witnessing exponential demand from international markets & across the country as mass conversions occur and there is a move from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy. India has a large solar energy potential. The Indian Market is witnessing a massive exponential growth rate in the sector, with approximately 5000 trillion kWh of energy. This will be required for smoother operational activities, transforming massive conversion from fossil to clean and renewable energy.


Solar products are easily available in the market nowadays. These products help solve the problem of a shortage of power supply. They are environmentally friendly, thus keeping the environment free from highly polluting electric-generating procedures. The solar panels are cost-effective and easy to install.

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