Dubai’s Opso Restaurant Unveiled

Photographed with the adept eyes of Alex Jeffries, Opso restaurant, Dubai Mall, has been unveiled and launched to the world.

Design Team

From multi Award winning designers – Bishop Design in Dubai. Alex works regularly with the team to help them build portfolio and capture their great designs. Alex Jeffries Photography Group are always pleased to work alongside Bishop.

From the Design Team

Dylan Adams, Senior Designer for Bishop Design explained: “While OPSO, like many of the neighbouring restaurants, caters to a wide range of guests, it distinguishes itself through its diverse array of offerings. The concept revolves around three distinct sectors, OPSO Dining, OPSO Social – the Café and OPSO Privé, each meticulously crafted to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether one gravitates towards the understated charm of the cafe, craves the vibrant energy of the restaurant, or seeks the exclusive luxury of the lounge to indulge in a delightful selection of mocktails and shisha, there’s an option to satisfy every preference.”


The Design

Guests are welcomed by a tantalising ‘peek-a-boo’ moment, guided by a carefully curated fibre-optic starlit corridor that beckons them into the heart of the venue. On the opposite side, a visually mesmerising spectacle unfolds as LED lights adorn the columns and dance across the ceiling, saturating the space with vibrant energy. This dazzling display releases a cascade of colours and patterns, immediately immersing guests in an experience that transcends the palate, inviting them to savour not only the exquisite dishes but also the very essence of Opso itself, as it comes to life through every facet of the environment.    In a city defined by innovation and drenched in competition, standing out is a formidable challenge. Bishop Design were an obvious decision for this project as we continue to challenge conventions and have the confidence to introduce fresh, innovative concepts, a spirit Opso embodies.

Capturing Architectural Harmony – Interior Design Excellence

Interior photography by Alex Jeffries, a firm favourite, chosen by many of the leading Architecture, Lighting and Interior Design companies in Dubai to help them build portfolio and win awards in local and global competitions.


About Alex

Alex Jeffries is a British Photographer, working and photographing around the region for over fifteen years, qualified with the British Institute of Professional Photography, the Federation of European Professional Photographers and the British Master Photographers Association.


Alex specialises in Interior Photography, Architecture and Hotels and Hospitality. Regularly shooting for many of the global brand Hotels that have a footprint in the region, Alex specialises in shooting at the pre-opening stage, to help launch a new hotel to market.

What can Alex do for you?

Interior photography by Alex Jeffries – What can Alex do for you? He specialises in helping Interior and Architecture clients build their portfolios and win awards. And with his proven solid experience in the region helping launch to market many of the local and global Hotel brands that demand and expect the highest standards his professional experience ensures you will get the return on investment you need.

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