Enhancing Peace Of Mind: The Benefits Of ADT Home Surveillance

When it comes to the best in home security, there is no name bigger or better than ADT Hhome Ssecurity. Building on a rich history that goes back 140 years, ADT’s reputation is one that has no parallel in this space. ADT has kept with the times when it comes to keeping their products up to date and refreshed. Among the many products and service that ADT offers, one of their strongest offerings is ADT home surveillance. In this article, we delve on the importance of home surveillance and the benefits of ADT home surveillance.  

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Home Surveillance And Modern Living 

Our homes are out sanctuaries and house us and all our possessions. Some items have monetary value and some have sentimental value. Regardless of which it is, they need protection. Modern home security systems like the one from ADT come loaded with a variety of functions. A combination of hardware, software, and machine learning all enhance the way your home is protected. 

Seeing as the technology being used in residential protection is getting smarter and more efficient, it only makes sense to protect our homes better. As the times get tougher, as does the need for having the best home security system that money has to offer – ADT home security.  

Trusting ADT With Your Home Security 

When you hear the name ADT, you immediately think of the value, promise, and quality that ADT offers. They do so by having one of the best home security offerings on the market. The ADT product range includes:

  • ADT security systems 
  • ADT Video surveillance 
  • ADT Mobile application 

Along with these products, other ADT selling points include:

Best-In-Class Technology 

The beauty of an ADT security system is in the components that make it. These different components include:

  • ADT window and door sensors 
  • Glass break sensors 
  • Motion sensors 
  • Smoke detectors 
  • Carbon monoxide detectors 
  • ADT smart cameras 
  • ADT control panel
  • ADT communication hub
  • Various smart home devices 

An ADT security system is made up of different variations of these components. Depending on what the customer needs, ADT will offer a system that satiates them in the best way possible. The three ADT plans include:

ADT Security Plan Functionality Plan Price Equipment Rental Fee* One-Time Equipment Fee
  • Intrusion detection
  • Touch screen panel 
  • Voice control
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Service and repair warranty
$45.99/mo Starts at $9.98/mo $599 at the start
  • All the features of Secure
  • Smart automation
  • Remote access
$49.99/mo Starts at $15.32/mo $919 at the start
  • All the features of Smart
  • Live HD video
  • Video clip storage
$59.99/mo Starts at $17.82/mo $1069 at the start

These prices are for the standard equipment that comes with each package. If you want to add more components to the system, the price will increase. For the best information, ADT customer service has all the answers. 

24/7 Monitoring 

Regardless of which ADT service you opt for, they are available 24/7. Whether it is ADT home security or ADT life safety, you have ADT monitoring your status at all times. When it comes to using ADT for home surveillance, 24/7 monitoring is where the magic is at. Not only do ADT teams stay at the ready, they also collaborate with local law enforcement to ensure safety. 


Benefits Of Using ADT For Home Surveillance 

Now that we’ve managed to convince you to use ADT for home surveillance, it’s time we talk about the benefits. While this list is comprehensive, we’ve singled out the two most important benefits of using ADT for home surveillance:

Deterring Crime 

ADT helps deter crime both with technology and visually. ADT technology has already been covered above but the visual deterrent includes different signage that comes with your ADT plan. These plaques and yard signs let potential intruders know that this home or business has ADT security.  

Integration With Smart Home Technology

The internet of things (IoT) is deeply involved in making modern security systems as powerful as they are. Using smart lights, locks, cameras, and other technology that can be remotely controlled adds an enhanced layer of protection and convenience. It also make security systems incredibly modular meaning that you can add or remove components to make it out to be exactly as you want it to be. 


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