EURO 2024 on the Big Screen: Public Viewing Events

“Public Screening” refers to viewing broadcast football events (such as EURO 2024) on large screens outside your house, which is organized by groups such as clubs, schools, cities, or event businesses.

To accomplish this safely, you need permission from the organizer (UEFA for EURO 2024). Just as with previous EUROs, UEFA allows interested parties to apply for this permit.

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UEFA addresses public screening licenses differently depending on your country. In some cases, they provide them right away, whereas in others, the local broadcaster does (either directly or via a partner). Every approach has its own set of rules and costs, so check with your country’s official broadcaster for more information.

Free Non-Commercial vs. Paid Commercial

Public screenings of EURO 2024 matches require permissions, which are divided into two categories: free non-commercial and fee-based commercial.

  • Non-commercial: There are no entry fees or sponsorships required, and the license is free.
  • Commercial: Involves transactions or sponsorships and necessitates a paid license.


  • Small-scale events do not require a license.
  • Businesses that already subscribe to the official broadcaster have permission.

In brief, to publicly stream EURO 2024 matches, choose if you require a free or paid license, depending on any business considerations. Some small events and pre-subscribed businesses are excluded.

Careful Review: Read the Terms & Conditions Before Applying

Holding a public screening for UEFA EURO 2024 necessitates a license with particular requirements. These regulations apply to everyone and serve as a legally binding contract. Before applying, confirm that you completely understand these terms.

Here’s what you need to know.

  • License: This covers the full tournament; however, you may select which matches to watch.
  • Cost: Free for non-commercial events; costs apply for commercial ones.
  • Branding: There is no “official” link with UEFA. Do not use their logos.
  • Sponsorship: Maximize possibilities with official sponsors and prevent disagreements with them.
  • Commercial Breaks: There is a limited time for non-official sponsor advertisements.
  • Broadcast: Use the official television signal without alteration.

Remember, to carefully read the complete terms and conditions before applying for a license.

Additional Screenings in Host Cities: Rare Exceptions Only

Small-scale, non-commercial screenings (up to 300 people) do not require a UEFA license for EURO 2024. However, they must still adhere to UEFA’s rules and regulations and receive any relevant local approvals. UEFA reserves the right to remove this exemption if the organizer violates the regulations.

Fan zones in host cities are officially sanctioned UEFA events. Public screenings within 2 kilometers of a stadium are not permitted, and permissions for additional screenings in host cities are uncommon.

Small, non-commercial screenings are normally acceptable, although host towns have more stringent rules and require specific permission.

Viewer Capacity Determines Fee

Only public screenings with commercial activity require a UEFA license fee. This covers events like:

  • Sell products, goods, or services.
  • Offer branding or advertising opportunities to other companies.
  • Charge entry fees.

The cost is determined by the expected number of viewers, which are divided into five groups by UEFA. The supporting documents include fee information as well as examples of what qualifies.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Public Screening in Euro 2024?

In Euro 2024, “Public Screening” occurs when aired matches are displayed on a large screen outside, as organized by organizations, educational institutions, localities, or event businesses. It’s all about gathering people in a public space to watch the tournament collectively.

What are the advantages of obtaining a public screening license?

  • Legally broadcast Euro 2024 matches in public.
  • Encourage community involvement and attract viewers.
  • Potential revenue streams include sponsorships and registration fees.

What are the benefits of public screening?

  • It creates an exciting and collaborative atmosphere for tournament participants.
  • Sponsorships and registration fees might potentially bring financial rewards.
  • Provide a legal alternative to unlawful streaming.

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