Raw Cut Diamonds: Value, Purity & Investment

Raw cut diamonds are an extraordinary choice when it comes to engagement rings. These ethically sourced diamonds not only possess breathtaking beauty but also symbolize the purityuniqueness, and potential of a relationship. What sets raw diamonds apart is their unpolished and natural state, which showcases their raw beauty and untouched allure.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, raw diamonds offer significant value and investment potential. As compared to their polished counterparts, raw diamonds are often more affordable, making them a smart choice for couples seeking a beautiful and valuable symbol of their love.

When investing in raw diamonds, it is crucial to consider factors such as carat weight, color, clarity, and the unique characteristics of the diamond. By understanding the market and its dynamics, investors can make informed decisions and potentially enjoy high returns on their investments.

Stay tuned as we explore the ethical sourcing of raw diamonds, their uniqueness and customization options, the symbolism they hold, their affordability, and the origins and formation of these magnificent gems. Discover why raw cut diamonds continue to captivate avid jewelry enthusiasts and astute investors alike.

Ethical Sourcing Of Raw Diamonds

When it comes to raw diamonds, ethical sourcing is of utmost importance. At The Raw Stone, we believe in the responsible and conflict-free procurement of our diamonds.

Ethical sourcing guarantees that the diamonds are obtained through ethical means, ensuring that they have not contributed to any negative impacts on human rights or environmental practices. To achieve this, we adhere to the strict standards set by the Kimberley Process.

The Kimberley Process is an international certification scheme that prevents the trade of conflict diamonds, also known as blood diamonds. The process ensures that rough diamonds are accompanied by a certification that verifies their legitimate origin and eliminates the possibility of conflict diamond trade.

At The Raw Stone, we go beyond the requirements of the Kimberley Process to ensure the highest ethical standards for our diamonds. We source our diamonds only through trusted siteholders, guaranteeing that they have been ethically and responsibly mined.

By partnering with siteholders who adhere to safe and ethical mining practices, we not only maintain our commitment to ethical sourcing but also support positive change within the diamond industry. Our customers can confidently wear our jewelry, knowing that their diamonds have been ethically sourced from mines.

Ethical sourcing is a crucial aspect of our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. With our ethically sourced raw diamonds, you can enjoy the beauty of your jewelry while also contributing to a better world.

Uniqueness And Customization Of Raw Diamond Rings

Raw diamond rings offer a one-of-a-kind and personalized design option. Each rough diamond is unique, and the jeweler must custom-set it to achieve the perfect fit. The creative potential for raw diamond rings is infinite due to the variety of shapes and sizes of rough diamonds.

At The Raw Stone, customers have the freedom to choose every aspect of their ring’s design, creating a truly unique piece that reflects their personal style and love story.

The Symbolism Of Raw Diamond Rings

Raw diamond rings hold deep symbolism, representing the journey and growth of a relationship. These extraordinary pieces celebrate the natural beauty and allure of raw diamonds while embodying the purity, possibility, and potential within a loving partnership.

Similar to how a skilled diamond cutter meticulously shapes a rough diamond to reveal its true brilliance, a couple’s experiences and growth together shape their relationship into something uniquely beautiful. Just as raw diamonds emerge from the earth in their raw and unpolished state, a couple’s love and commitment have the potential to grow and evolve, becoming stronger and more radiant over time.

Wearing a raw diamond ring serves as a constant reminder of the remarkable journey two individuals have embarked upon and the love that has blossomed and will continue to grow. It symbolizes the resilience, strength, and beauty that result from overcoming challenges and nurturing a deep connection.

Celebrating Uniqueness And Individuality

Raw diamond rings offer more than just a physical representation of a relationship’s growth; they also provide an opportunity for personal expression and individuality. Each rough diamond possesses its own distinct characteristics, including shape, color, and texture.

Embracing the uniqueness of raw diamonds, couples can work with jewelers skilled in custom designs to create a ring that reflects their personal style and love story. From selecting the perfect rough diamond to choosing the setting, band, and accompanying gemstones, every aspect of the design can be tailored to create a one-of-a-kind piece that captures their journey and symbolizes their enduring love.

An Everlasting Symbol Of Love

raw diamond rings

The enduring nature of raw diamond rings makes them a powerful symbol of love’s lasting impact. Unlike polished diamonds that have undergone extensive cutting and shaping, raw diamonds retain their natural, untouched beauty. This serves as a reminder that love, like a raw diamond, is a precious and authentic force that can endure the tests of time.

Just as a raw diamond’s individuality and inherent beauty shine through its unpolished state, a couple’s love grows stronger and more resilient over time. Raw diamond rings become tangible representations of the journey a couple embarks upon together, encapsulating the memories, experiences, and growth that contribute to their unique love story.

Choosing a raw diamond ring is a sentimental and meaningful way to honor the depth and significance of a relationship. It is an enduring symbol of love that encapsulates the beauty, growth, and limitless potential that can be found within a bond shared between two individuals.

Affordability Of Raw Diamond Rings

Raw diamonds offer an affordable option for those in search of a unique and stunning engagement ring. Unlike polished diamonds, raw diamonds haven’t undergone the costly cutting and polishing process, which often drives up the cost. The price of a raw diamond ring can vary depending on factors such as location, pre-cut structure, color, clarity, carat, and weight.

Choosing a raw diamond engagement ring not only allows couples to express their individuality but also offers an opportunity to save money. The affordability of raw diamond rings means that couples can allocate their budget for other important aspects of their wedding, honeymoon, or future together.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Raw Diamond Rings:

  • Location: The origin of the raw diamond can impact its price.
  • Pre-cut Structure: The shape and size of the rough diamond can influence the cost.
  • Color and Clarity: Raw diamonds come in various colors and clarities, each with its own price range.
  • Carat Weight: The weight of the diamond affects its value.

By choosing a raw diamond engagement ring, couples can enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of these natural gems while staying within their budget. The allure of a raw diamond ring lies not only in its affordability but also in its inherent charm and individuality.

Investing In Raw Diamonds

Raw diamonds present a unique opportunity for investment. Among the various types of raw diamonds, natural fancy color diamonds, particularly those in hues of red, pink, or blue, are projected to offer the highest potential return on investment due to their rarity. Historically, colored diamonds have demonstrated appreciation in value when compared to other investments like gold. However, investing in raw diamonds requires a comprehensive understanding of the market and the factors that contribute to their value.

Raw diamonds, in their unpolished state, possess inherent beauty and individual characteristics that contribute to their worth. By carefully evaluating factors such as size, color intensity, clarity, and overall quality, one can determine the investment potential of a raw diamond. Additionally, knowledge of the market trends and demand for specific types of raw diamonds is crucial in making informed investment decisions.

It is important to note that investing in raw diamonds should be approached with caution, as the market can be influenced by various factors such as economic conditions and shifts in consumer preferences. Therefore, consulting with industry experts and experienced professionals is recommended to navigate the raw diamond investment landscape effectively.

Benefits Of Raw Diamond Investments:

  • Potential for High Returns: Natural fancy color diamonds, especially large ones in pure red, pink, or blue hues, are rare and have demonstrated the potential to offer significant returns on investment over time.
  • Diversification: Investing in raw diamonds provides diversification within an investment portfolio, reducing overall risk exposure.
  • Inflation Hedge: Raw diamonds have the potential to protect against inflation and preserve wealth in uncertain economic times.

Raw diamond investments require a long-term perspective and a willingness to hold onto the asset for an extended period. As with any investment, it is vital to conduct thorough research, seek expert guidance, and carefully consider personal financial goals and risk tolerance before venturing into the raw diamond market.

Comparing Diamond Investments With Other Forms

When it comes to investing, diamonds can be compared to stocks and gold. While stocks and shares have the potential to generate good returns on investment, they also require constant monitoring of the market and come with inherent risks. On the other hand, gold is often considered a safe investment, but estimating and retrieving its investment value can be complicated.

Diamonds, however, present a unique and tangible investment opportunity. Not only do they have the potential to appreciate in value over time, but they can also be enjoyed and worn as exquisite jewelry pieces. Unlike stocks and gold, diamonds offer both a financial asset and a personal adornment, making them truly versatile.

Investing in diamond assets, such as raw cut diamonds, allows individuals to diversify their investment portfolio while enjoying the beauty and luxury of diamond jewelry. As a tangible asset, diamonds offer a level of security and stability that can be reassuring in a rapidly changing market. Moreover, their inherent rarity and desirability contribute to their enduring value.

While stocks may fluctuate, and the value of gold can be subject to various market factors, diamonds have a timeless appeal that transcends trends. The allure of diamonds has persisted throughout history, and their enduring popularity ensures a constant demand.

Furthermore, diamonds are globally recognized as a symbol of wealth, status, and luxury. This universal appeal makes them highly liquid assets that can be easily sold or traded when the need arises.

Considering all these factors, diamond investments provide a unique blend of financial potential and personal enjoyment. By investing in diamonds, individuals can add a touch of elegance to their investment portfolio while hedging against market volatility and enjoying the inherent beauty of these precious gemstones.

diamond investments


  • Diamond investments can be compared to stocks and gold.
  • Stocks offer potential returns but require constant monitoring and carry risks.
  • Gold is considered a safe investment, but estimating its value can be complicated.
  • Diamonds provide a unique and tangible investment that can be enjoyed and worn.
  • Diamonds offer both financial potential and personal adornment.
  • Investing in diamonds diversifies portfolios and offers stability and liquidity.
  • Diamonds have enduring value, timeless appeal, and global recognition.

The Origins And Formation Of Raw Diamonds

Raw diamonds, also known as rough diamonds, have a fascinating origin and formation process. These precious gemstones are not created overnight but undergo a remarkable journey deep within the Earth’s mantle before they are unearthed and transformed into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Raw diamonds are formed under extreme conditions of immense pressure and intense heat deep within the Earth’s mantle. Over millions of years, carbon atoms crystallize and bond together, creating the structure of diamonds. These diamonds form in rock formations called kimberlite pipes or alluvial deposits.

Through volcanic eruptions, these diamonds are propelled towards the Earth’s surface. The violent release of pressure and heat during volcanic activity brings raw diamonds closer to where we can find them. As the molten rock, known as magma, rises to the surface, it carries the diamonds embedded within it.

During this volcanic journey, the diamonds travel through kimberlite pipes, which are vertical tunnels formed by the magma. These pipes act as conduits, delivering the raw diamonds to shallower depths where they eventually become accessible.

As the magma cools and solidifies, it forms igneous rock, known as kimberlite or lamproite. These rock formations are often found in deep-rooted volcanoes or regions of ancient volcanic activity. Miners locate these kimberlite pipes and extract the raw diamonds, which retain their natural, unpolished appearance.

This remarkable volcanic journey gives raw diamonds their distinct characteristics, such as their unique shapes, varied colors, and unpolished surfaces. Their natural beauty reflects the untouched splendor of nature, making them a captivating choice for those seeking something extraordinary.

Characteristics Of Raw Diamonds

Raw diamonds possess a natural beauty that sets them apart, with diverse shapes that showcase their raw and unpolished origins. These diamonds retain a rugged charm, capturing the essence of their untouched natural state. The world of raw diamonds offers a variety of shapes, including octahedral, dodecahedral, cubic, and irregular formations. Imperfections and inclusions are commonly found in raw diamonds, further enhancing their uniqueness and individuality.

The Unique Appeal Of Raw Diamond Shapes

Raw diamonds exhibit a diverse range of shapes, each one telling a distinct story. Octahedral raw diamonds, characterized by their eight-sided structure, exemplify the classic diamond shape. Dodecahedral raw diamonds, with their twelve-sided structure, offer a more intricate and eye-catching aesthetic. Cubic raw diamonds, as the name suggests, feature a square or cube-like shape, adding a touch of geometric elegance. Irregular formations of raw diamonds bring a sense of natural beauty that captures the organic appeal.

Embracing The Imperfections

Unlike their polished counterparts, raw diamonds often contain inclusions and imperfections. These unique characteristics are a testament to the diamond’s raw and unprocessed nature. Inclusions, such as small crystals, minerals, or other foreign materials trapped within the diamond, create a captivating visual effect as light interacts with them. Imperfections further enhance the raw diamond’s individuality, giving it a distinct personality and charm.

The color and clarity of raw diamonds vary, making each stone a truly unique specimen. The crystal formation and cleavage of raw diamonds contribute to their individual characteristics, shaping their appearance and overall appeal. Raw diamonds possess an unmatched allure that encapsulates the raw beauty of nature and leaves a lasting impression.


Raw cut diamonds are a remarkable choice, combining value, purity, and investment potential. With a focus on ethical sourcing and unique design, raw diamond rings symbolize the journey and growth of a relationship. Their affordability makes them a practical option for those on a budget, while their investment value, especially for colored diamonds, offers the potential for high returns.

Raw cut diamonds possess a natural beauty and timeless appeal that continue to captivate both jewelry enthusiasts and investors. The process of ethically sourcing these diamonds ensures their unique character and purity, giving them a story that goes beyond their captivating appearance. Whether as a personal adornment or a long-term investment, raw cut diamonds stand out for their unmatched charm and exceptional qualities.

From their origins deep within the Earth to their volcanic journey and diverse shapes, raw diamonds offer an unparalleled visual experience. Their raw, unpolished look showcases the untouched beauty of nature, with inclusions and imperfections only adding to their uniqueness. The wide range of colors, clarity, and crystal formations contribute to the individual charm of each raw diamond.

As you explore the world of fine jewelry, consider the raw cut diamonds’ combination of value, purity, and investment potential. Their ethical sourcing, affordability, and symbolism make raw diamond rings not just a beautiful accessory, but also a meaningful representation of your relationship’s growth and future. Whether you are looking for a distinctive engagement ring or an investment opportunity, raw cut diamonds offer an enchanting choice with their natural beauty and undeniable allure.


Are Raw Cut Diamonds Ethically Sourced?

Yes, raw cut diamonds are ethically sourced. Raw diamond sourcing follows the Kimberley Process, which certifies diamonds as conflict-free. The Raw Stone, for example, sources their diamonds only through siteholders, ensuring safe and ethical mining practices.

Can I Customize The Design Of A Raw Diamond Ring?

Absolutely! Raw diamond rings offer a one-of-a-kind and personalized design option. Each rough diamond is unique, and jewelers can custom-set it to achieve the perfect fit. At The Raw Stone, customers have the freedom to choose every aspect of their ring’s design, creating a truly unique piece that reflects their personal style and love story.

What Do Raw Diamond Rings Symbolize?

Raw diamond rings symbolize the journey and growth of a relationship. The natural beauty of raw diamonds represents the purity, possibility, and potential of a relationship. Wearing a raw diamond ring serves as a constant reminder of the journey and the love that has grown and will continue to grow.

Are Raw Diamond Rings More Affordable Than Polished Diamond Rings?

Yes, raw diamond rings are often less expensive than polished diamond rings. This is because raw diamonds haven’t undergone the costly cutting and polishing process. The price of a raw diamond depends on various factors such as location, pre-cut structure, color, clarity, carat, and weight. Choosing a raw diamond engagement ring can help couples save money that can be invested in other aspects of their wedding or future together.

Can Investing In Raw Diamonds Be Profitable?

Yes, investing in raw diamonds can be profitable, especially natural fancy color diamonds. Colored diamonds, especially those in pure red, pink, or blue hues, have historically appreciated in value against other investments like gold. However, investing in raw diamonds requires knowledge of the market and the characteristics that contribute to their value.

How Does Investing In Diamonds Compare To Investing In Stocks And Gold?

Diamonds offer a unique and tangible investment opportunity. While stocks and shares can bring a good return on investment, they require constant monitoring of the market and carry inherent risks. Gold is often considered a safe investment, but estimating and retrieving its investment value can be complicated. Diamonds, on the other hand, can be enjoyed and worn while their value increases.

How Are Raw Diamonds Formed?

Raw diamonds are formed deep within the Earth’s mantle through a natural process involving immense pressure and temperature. They are then brought closer to the surface through volcanic eruptions and carried through Kimberlite pipes. This volcanic journey gives raw diamonds their unique and unpolished appearance, showcasing the untouched beauty of nature.

What Are The Characteristics Of Raw Diamonds?

Raw diamonds are known for their natural beauty and diverse shapes. They retain the rugged and unpolished look that reflects their origin. Raw diamonds come in various shapes, including octahedral, dodecahedral, cubic, and irregular formations. Inclusions and imperfections are also common in raw diamonds, adding to their uniqueness. The color and clarity of raw diamonds vary, and their crystal formation and cleavage contribute to their individual characteristics.

What Makes Raw Cut Diamonds A Valuable And Unique Choice?

Raw cut diamonds offer a unique blend of value, purity, and investment potential. They are ethically sourced and customizable, symbolizing the journey and growth of a relationship. Additionally, they are often more affordable than polished diamonds, making them a practical choice for those on a budget. For those looking for investment opportunities, raw diamonds, especially colored ones, have the potential for high returns. With their natural beauty and timeless appeal, raw cut diamonds continue to captivate jewelry enthusiasts and investors alike

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