Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Mobile-First Website Design

Do you know that 60% of the global internet population uses mobile devices to go online? This number reflects the importance of creating mobile-first websites. Today, the internet can be accessed with a few clicks of your fingers. No more waiting for your turn at internet cafes or relying on your desktop to shop online; you just need a smartphone and are good to go. If the world has changed in this direction, it’s high time you do too. So, if you still haven’t included mobile-first design as a priority in your web design in Newcastle, you will miss out on a lot in terms of visibility, reach and conversion rate. For better clarity, let’s go through the top 5 reasons why you should invest in mobile-first website design in Newcastle. 

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Better User Experience 

Today, when people are quick to use their mobile screens to use the web, if your website doesn’t automatically fit into different screen sizes, it will lead to a negative user experience. So, if you wish to create a seamless experience for every visitor, irrespective of the device they use, then investing in a mobile-first website design is a must. This will lead to a positive user experience, increased satisfaction, better engagement, and enhanced conversion rates. Always remember, if your website visitors are happy with what they see on your website, only then would they potentially convert into your customers. 

Search Engine Optimisation 

Did you know that mobile-friendliness is one of the factors which determine your website’s Google Rankings? Yes, you heard it, right? For Google, mobile-friendliness translates into a positive user experience and therefore, a mobile-first website will have a higher chance of ranking higher on SERPs. So, if you are targeting visibility, increased engagement, and better rankings, make sure to include mobile-friendliness as a part of your web design in Newcastle’s strategy. 

Faster Loading Times 

Mobile-first website designs are built to be lightweight because mobile devices have a slower internet bandwidth as compared to desktops. This lightweightness makes mobile-first websites more efficient with faster load times. As per statistics, for better conversion, the load time should be less than 3 seconds, and websites often fail on this front, especially when accessed through mobile devices. But when you build a mobile-first website, you tackle this problem head-on and build a website that will load quickly on all devices. A mobile-first or responsive website uses optimised images, a minimalist design, conditional loading, etc, to cut down on the loading time. 

Competitive Edge 

While the world is still struggling to build a credible online presence, a mobile-first website will help you stand out from the competition. Today, as all businesses are going online, you have to make sure you put forth the best presence and attract as many potential customers as possible. Targeting mobile-friendliness could be quite helpful in this direction. As we mentioned before, mobile-first websites rank higher, therefore helping you organically attract more visitors. So, if you have been looking for ways to win this competitive business race, make sure to invest in a mobile-friendly website. 

Social Media Compatibility 

When it comes to your website’s online presence, there are two aspects – website and social media, and they go hand in hand. Today, social media integration is a key requirement for any website. Why? Firstly, most people get to know about your business through social media. Secondly, if they like what you see on your website, they would like to inspect your social media handles next and maybe share your content with their friends and families via Instagram or Facebook. And we already know that when it comes to accessing social media, a mobile device is the most preferred. So, that, in turn, takes us to the importance of mobile-first website design. A mobile-first website will have better chances of being shared across social networks. 

Better Reach & Visibility 

Not everyone owns a desktop or a laptop, but when it comes to smartphones, you can roughly say so. Smartphones are owned and operated by people of all age groups and demographics. So, by building a mobile-first website, you open your website to a larger audience, which can go a long way in building a success story for your business. Simply put, the more people visit your website, the higher your conversion rate will be. Optimising your website for mobile devices is a must to increase daily visits and enhance overall visibility. 


On the accessibility front, mobile-first websites tend to perform better. They are responsive, offer better text legibility and contrast, have touch-friendly interfaces, more simplified navigation, reduced cognitive load, and more. Today, accessibility or disability friendliness is not merely a way to increase your website visitor pool but is also required for proper adherence to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). So, make sure you follow all ethical standards and build a website with a better reach by prioritising mobile-friendliness. 


So, these are the top 7 reasons why you should invest in a mobile-first website design. By now, you must have already decided to include mobile-friendliness as a part of your web design strategy in Newcastle. If you need help on this front, Make My Website is at your service. As a trusted and reputed web design agency, we will help you build a credible online presence for your website and help you take your business to greater heights. 

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