What is the Difference Between the MERN Stack and MEAN Stack?

When it comes to choosing a stacking technology for web app development, developers always need clarification on MERN and MEAN stack. Both stack technologies have their own unique characteristics, features, and functionalities where MEAN uses Angular for the front-end framework and MERN uses React.js for UI. However, choosing the right stack technology can depend on various parameters and its uses. If you want to choose between MERN vs MEAN stack technology then this guide is for you. Here, we will make a detailed comparison between MERN full stack vs MEAN, how it works, its features, and benefits. So that you can decide which one is best for your web app development.

What is MERN Stack?

MERN Stack is a popular full-stack framework, which is a combination of the latest technologies that are mainly used for building premium web applications. It was created by Meta (Formerly Facebook) in 2013. MERN is an acronym for four main categories including Mongo, Express, React and Node. This collection helps MERN stack developers to make the web app development process easier and smoother in the Javascript programming language.

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN Stack is a javascript-based framework that is used for web app development. It’s an acronym for MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node. It’s a full-stack toolkit that helps developers to build dynamic web apps faster and more robust. MAN Stack is known for its easy-to-use, scalability, and speed of web app development.

MERN vs MEAN Stack: Key Differences


MERN is a stack technology that comprises MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. MEAN Stack technology comprises MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.
It’s an open-source Javascript library. It’s a Javascript framework.
Highly popular and mostly used for web app development. It’s used widely but usage has slightly declined in recent years.
It uses Javascript, JSX. It uses typescript language.
Learning curve of the bbb is easier. The learning curve of the MEAN stack is hard.
It supports one-way data binding. It supports one-way and two-way data binding.
Virtual DOM is supported in the MERN stack. Regular DOM is supported in the MEAN stack.
It is suitable for building complex apps with recurring variable data. It is suitable for building interactive web apps.
Multiple tools are required for different types of testing. A single tool is required to do multiple types of testing.
It has strong community support with vast resources available. It has a well-established community and extensive documentation.

Advantages of Using MERN Stack

Here are some major benefits of using MERN full stack for your web app development:

1. Open-source Technology

MERN Stack is an open-source code that’s mostly preferred by Startups to build robust web applications. So customization during the web app development becomes easier for full-stack MERN developers and there are no barriers or extra hoops.

2. Easy to Use

MERN Stack technology is so easy to use that most of the beginner’s MERN stack developers use this technology for web app development. With minimalist tools, it becomes easier for developers to build web applications.

3. Full Stack Development

MERN Stack allows full-stack MERN developers to build applications from front-end to back-end completely and that’s why it offers full-stack development. One of the biggest advantages is that startups prefer this technology for web app development to save time & money for front-end and back-end development.

4. Strong Community Support

MERN full stack has a large community support where developers can find the best possible answers to their queries and support from other experienced developers.

5. Reusable Components

MERN Stack allows full-stack MERN developers to reuse code across different platforms. It makes the process of web app development faster and easier with minimal turnaround time.

Advantages of Using MEAN Stack

Here are some major benefits of using MEAN Stack technology:

1. Effortless Swapping between Client and Server

When developers use MEAN Stack technology for web app development, it allows them to effortlessly deploy applications from client to server. It’s one of the major reasons developers prefer MEAN because they can write code in one language and work between both the client and server sides.

2. Huge Massive Library Support

MEAN Stack has a huge library with a wide range of JavaScript modules that make the web app development process easier and faster. Developers can reuse these library components and effortlessly develop web apps.

3. Cost-Effective

MEAN Stack is a cost-effective option because it’s open-source, and all the components are free to use. So, the developer can freely reuse these components during large-scale web app development.

4. Scalability

It’s a great choice for large-scale web app development because of its scalable database system. MongoDB is a part of MEAN Stack, well-known for performance and scalability.

5. Global Community Support

MEAN Stack has an active and supportive global community of developers. It means developers can always get support and answers to their queries from this growing community.


Q.1 Which one is better MERN or MEAN Stack?

MERN stack is a popular choice of MERN stack developers for building small web applications. On the other hand, the MEAN stack is used for building enterprise-level web apps.

Q.2 Which is easier to learn MERN or MEAN Stack?

The MERN stack is easier to learn than the MEAN stack. Because MERN full stack uses React and MEAN stack uses ANgular which requires deeper understanding than React.

Q.3 What is the future of MERN Stack?

MERN Stack will stay in demand for MERN stack developers and come with a bright and promising future. The demand of MERN Stack will grow over time because of its scalability and easy-to-learn technology.

Q.4 Why should you use MERN Stack?

Some of the reasons why full stack MERN developers prefer MERN stack are that it is open-source, easy to learn., fully customized, scalable, and cost-effective. These reasons make the web app development process easier and faster for developers.

Wrapping Up!

MERN Stack and MERN Stack both have their unique features and functionalities that make the web app development process faster and easier. However, developers choose based on various factors and features. That’s why we’ve covered detailed comparisons that help every developer identify the key difference between MERN and MEAN stacks and which one is best for your web app development. Now, it’s your turn to hire a full-stack MERN developer or MEAN developer to build your feature-rich web app.

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