What is the Scope of Mobile Commerce in India?

Did you know that in today’s times, most people prefer to access the web through mobile devices, like phones and tablets, rather than computers? This means that mobile commerce is booming, and if your company sells products via an app it’s a great opportunity you don’t want to miss. Pair your app marketing strategies with the Trackier Mobile Marketing Platform and you’ll be set up for a quarter to remember. So, gear up and get ready to innovate. By the end of this blog, you will be able to explain mcommerce for all of its perks and profits, becoming equipped to make the crucial decisions that your business needs.

What Is Mobile Commerce?

M-commerce meaning the commercial transaction that occurs between brands and consumers using mobile devices. it is an extension of E-commerce. Mobile shopping spans across verticals, including travel and SaaS. In fact, mobile shopping might be someone’s pastime like window shopping in real life, or, it can be a facility of convenience that incorporates with your daily life like grocery shopping and online consultations.

Scope of M-Commerce Around the Globe in 2024

  • ⅓ of e-commerce transactions are made through mobile devices.
  • 80% of internet users own a smartphone.
  • 48% of consumers use a mobile device to pose a search engine query.
  • Over 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up.
  • 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their advertising strategy.
  • 88% of mobile users check real-time data for shopping.
  • According to Jeff Bezos, $1 billion in products was ordered from mobile in the last 12 months.

The Scope Of M-Commerce In India

Mobile Wallets

Virtual Wallets give you the opportunity to store currency for faster and safer checkouts. You can use mobile wallets whenever you wish to purchase something via a mobile device.


Near-field communication technology lets users transfer data in a short range. Scanning or swiping phones to pay for something is a product of NFC technology. To use NFC, a chip and scanning equipment is required. It can be used to purchase tickets for transportation, car parking, live shows, and other ticket-related activities amongst other things. After buying a ticket, a scannable piece of data is sent to the phone and presented at the station. The whole process behind mobile ticketing offers a fast and accessible administration.

Mobile Currency

With mobile currency, a user can take money from the system, by utilizing SMS to send money to others, which requires no internet connection. The users convert the e-currency to real money through an outlet or an ATM. The benefit of this form of mobile commerce is that it is highly accessible to people even without internet accessibility.

Marketers’ Pick: Top-Selling Features of M-Commerce

  • Ubiquity: Helps to access information easily in real-time.
  • Convenience: Mobile devices help to store data, and access the internet anywhere and at any time, thereby, increasing chances of conversions.
  • Interactivity: Businesses can become a part of the user’s everyday life through engaging in-app campaigns and messaging.
  • Personalization: Every user is delivered personalized content according to their search history, region, device preference, and other cohort segmentation traits.
  • Localization: You can mold your mobile campaigns to suit the regional color of your target audience, for instance, campaigns that offer special discounts on national festivals, religious occasions, seasonal movements, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Added Advantage: Benefits Of Mobile Commerce For User Experience

  1. It is easily accessible and easy to use

During the first two months of the pandemic, 30% of shoppers made mobile wallet transactions for the first time. Shopping through mobile devices is a low-risk method.

  1. Better Customer Experience

15% of US adults in the elder age range are using smartphone devices now. Targeted m-commerce strategies can help to reach them, and certainly deliver a better experience than none altogether.

  1. Capture omnichannel shoppers

By choosing to implement or explain m-commerce, marketers are empowering omnichannel shoppers around the world who factor in local search, regional trends, and personal consumption trends before making a purchase.

Best Practices to Boost Mobile Commerce for Your Brand

  • Most mobile users are search-oriented, purposeful, and clear. You need to adhere to these characteristics and provide the users with what they need in the best way possible.
  • Add a search bar with auto-suggestion for quick and easy queries.
  • Add navigation buttons in the app or mobile web page to keep it simple and easy to navigate.
  • Limit the menu to being short and direct
  • Use a hierarchy of layouts with decreasing importance from top to bottom
  • Include a save or wishlist button so that users can go back to the desired app page later in their search. You can also include suggestions based on the user’s previous purchase history.
  • Add filters in search results with a purpose that users can instantly locate what they want.
  • Avoid requiring people to register to buy something. Many users abandon products because of the lengthy process of registering on a phone screen.
  • When you start your mobile commerce platform, you need to promote it on other media platforms as well. Given the high number of consumers on social media, it is a safe bet to start your brand awareness campaigns on Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

In today’s time, purchasing goods and services has become easier because of m-commerce. As mobile ownership increases globally, it has led to multiple innovations in online transactions, including those that happen through apps specifically designed to link to your bank accounts, online wallets, and other financial assets. It is of utmost importance for businesses to take advantage of this technological development, if they plan to scale in the upcoming privacy-centric era.

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