What Skills and Knowledge do Network Optimization Engineers Have?

The network optimization engineer is a person who conducts network testing and performance analysis, determines and implements the mobile communication network optimization scheme, and implements the network optimization project. The network planning and network optimization is based on the engineering practice, turning the specific solution into a project for implementation. “Optimize life and plan for the future”. This is the slogan of network optimization engineers! It is also the goal and direction of the network optimizer. Network construction has become an important part of social information construction, all of which are inseparable from network optimization engineers.

Network optimization engineers need a college degree in communications. MCSE (Microsoft Certified Network Engineer) and CCNA are very helpful to become network optimization engineers. At present, the construction and development of 5G network is imperative. Therefore, network optimization personnel should learn 5G knowledge in advance, understand the characteristics of the next generation network, accumulate 5G network experience of foreign operators, and do a good job in developing and optimizing 5G network knowledge and technology reserves. In the current network optimization, it is necessary to collect the basic information of the current network in advance, reasonably predict the structure of the next generation network, make a reasonable one-time planning for the 5G network according to the characteristics of the next generation network, integrate the network optimization into the planning and engineering construction of the 5G network, and minimize the impact of network evolution on network service quality.

If you want to become a network optimization engineer, what are the requirements for job skills and job development direction? 

  • A junior network optimization engineer only needs to be able to do tests.

The work of junior network optimization engineers is mainly to do some simple test reports or daily tests. The job content is to test the software with a mobile phone. However, some tests are carried out, or the single station verification cluster optimization of the base station is concerned. Common basic introductory test work in communication.

Therefore, this kind of primary testing post is generally for novice or one who has just been in the industry for less than half a year. The jobs that young people do are basically in all parts of the country. This kind of junior engineer is needed in communication projects, which is also the most common technical requirement for junior engineers when looking for jobs.

  • Intermediate and Senior Engineers of Network Optimization

Generally speaking, there are some specific requirements for the recruitment of intermediate engineers or senior engineers. Technical requirements, for example, we should be able to do special work. For optimization analysis, you are usually required to have the corresponding manufacturer certification. For example, do you have Huawei 4G or 5G Certification? How many years have you worked in this industry? Then how many special optimizations have you specialized in, and what is your daily work experience, or your previous company and your project background? Usually, during the interview, you will be asked some technical questions to judge your technical level according to all the comprehensive situations you said, and finally the corresponding salary will be dismissed.

So for those who are engaged in junior network optimization engineers, your fastest career promotion path is to get certified by the manufacturer or the intermediate engineer of China Mobile Unicom, or the senior engineer. The most important thing is that the learning process is not necessarily the certificate itself. Don’t take the certificate, but you don’t have actual interview or actual project experience. In that case, you can’t find a job with high salary. So put your mind on how to improve your technical level, and gradually you can reach the intermediate and advanced levels.


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