When to Call a Lawyer After a Car Accident in McAllen

Car accidents in McAllen are unfortunately becoming common, killing and injuring people everyday. There are many ways that car accidents impact your life, but without a doubt, they can have a significant financial impact.

This only gets worse if one of the people in the accident doesn’t want to help. To avoid this, it’s critical to understand when to contact a lawyer following a car accident. Here are a few situations where you could call Car Accident Lawyer McAllen to help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to:

When injuries are severe 

The severity of car crashes varies. Some are as basic as a minor contact — you get a slight ache in your knee or neck that passes fast. Others might result in more severe harm. injuries that could permanently disable you. wounds that ultimately turn deadly. 

In certain situations, you could want coverage for more than just your first medical costs. You might have to pay for long-term rehabilitation, or you might have a condition that prevents you from working as you once did. 

In the event of a wrongful death, you may be entitled to non-economic damages such as consortium or loss of companionship in addition to paying funeral costs. The insurance issue becomes more complicated as a result of all of these additional damages, thus having legal representation in these situations is beneficial.

Insurance Company Behaves Unfairly

However, there are situations where the at-fault driver agrees to pay but their insurance company does not. A completely valid claim may be denied by the insurance company, or it may attempt to place the responsibility on you. Keep in mind that insurance firms are enterprises with interests of their own. Their primary objective is to minimize their payout, irrespective of your requirements. For this reason, hiring aSan Antonio personal injury lawyersmay be necessary to win your case.

Auto accident attorneys are skilled advocates and negotiators who know how to handle insurance adjusters. If you don’t have legal representation, the insurance company can easily create a story and modify your statements in order to prevent having to pay. Your San Antonio personal injury lawyers can ensure that they preserve the truth and that you receive proper compensation. 

When There Is a Dispute About Negligence

In a perfect world, both drivers exchange insurance information, the at-fault driver acknowledges responsibility right away, and the insurance company pays up. However, mistakes are not always obvious, and the other driver may not be as eager to accept responsibility for their actions. You might need a car accident lawyer McAllen to defend you if the other driver or the insurance provider tries to deny responsibility or unfairly place the blame on you.

Support for Severe Car Accident Damages

There are two categories of damages that occur following a car accident: non economic and economic. Economic damages include things like

  • Medical expenses
  • Death expenses
  • Disability
  • Lost wages

Non-economic damages are damages for your emotional impact after the car accident. This may include:

  • Pain or mental distress

If the accident has caused you trauma, it could impact how you relate to other people and go about your daily life. Think about someone who might no longer be able to drive a car after a serious crash. This can make it more difficult for them to get to work, see friends, or go grocery shopping. To help you deal with your trauma following an accident, you might need to see a therapist. 

  • Loss of a loved one

These are typically used in cases of wrongful death, such as when a spouse, partner, or other close relative passes away. On the other hand, an accident victim who becomes paralyzed after the incident could serve as another instance.

  • Loss of life’s fun 

Your life could be drastically changed by an accident. As stated under “pain and suffering,” this can occasionally be an emotional process. In other situations, a physical handicap could be the culprit. You might be entitled to damages if your accident prevents you from enjoying life the way you used to.A personal injury attorney McAllen can help you sort through which damages apply to your case. 

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