Olantern Music Led Lantern Light with Stereo review

The Olantern Music is a rechargeable 2-in-1 retro speaker and lantern with a classic style but with the latest features. Perfect for backpacking, camping, or just in your own backyard.

The Olantern classic has two light modes: bright reading light and warm mood light, in both modes the lantern is continuously dimmable. The built-in Bluetooth speaker has a playing time of up to thirty-four hours and has TWS. With TWS you can connect two speakers to play audio in stereo. Additionally, the Olantern music can also be linked to up to a hundred speakers to play the same music simultaneously.

There is a battery level indicator in the lantern rotary switch, which can be activated by operating the rotary switch and will switch off mechanically. The buttons on the top mechanically light up when motion is noticed. The lamp can be charged with a standard USB-C charging cable. The lantern has a power bank feature (USB-C and USB), so you will never be without power on the road again.

Hanging the lantern is very simple thanks to the foldable specially shaped handle when the lamp is put down, it says strongly in place due to the non-slip TPE bottom.

Olantern series

Minimize the gear you take with you to have the best time in the gear outdoors with Olight Olantern music stereo and LED lantern. The Olantern music gathers a 300-lumen lantern with a Bluetooth stereo capable of pumping out tunes for 34 hours. A type-C charging table makes it simple to keep the party going, while white and warm light modes let you match the mood with the music.


Efficient LED lights: Rechargeable outdoor lanterns generally utilize power-efficient LED lights. LEDs are preferred for their low power use, durability, and capability to produce clear and bright illumination. The choices of LEDs align to make a long-lasting and sustainable lighting solution for open-air use.

Rechargeable battery: The heart of the Olantern Music LED light is a rechargeable battery. This battery changes the energy to power the LED lights and the audio components. Depending on the lantern light design, this battery can be recharged via USB cable.

Music functionality

Bluetooth: The lantern specs built-in Bluetooth technology to perfectly integrate music capabilities. Bluetooth enables wireless communication between the Olanterns the light and compatible devices like tablets, smartphones, or laptops. This wireless connection permits users to play music stored on their devices without physical links, enhancing the full user experience.

Speaker system: The Olantern light incorporates a high-standard speaker system designed to deliver immersive and clear audio. These speakers are strategically positioned within the Olantern music LED light to increase sound distribution. Weather-resistant materials save the speakers from outdoor elements, ensuring continued performance even in challenging weather situations.

Power source

The Olantern light rechargeable battery is an important component and advancements in battery technology contribute to a bigger operational time between charges. Lithium-ion battery batteries are generally used for their high power density, lightweight nature, and capability to handle frequent charge-discharge cycles.


Lightweight and compact: Outdoor Olantern lights are generally lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and carry. A built-in handle or carrying strap includes ease, permitting users to take the lantern on picnics, camping trips, or any outdoor adventure.

Integrated charging ports: Some Olantern music lights may contain additional USB ports for charging external devices, such as Smartphones. Anyway, this spec includes practicality, permitting users to recharge their device using the lantern’s battery, making it the best companion for outdoor activities.

Advantages of Olantern Music Led Lantern Light

Olantern music and entertainment

The Olantern music by Olight is not your ordinary torch. It is a revolutionary device that gathers music and illumination, making it the best companion for campouts, parties, and gatherings of all types. With its versatile and innovative design, the Olantern Music is set to become your go-to device for lighting and entertainment.

Say goodbye to the days of carrying two separate devices to your campouts or parties. With the Olantern music, Olight introduces its first mixture of music and illumination. Now, you can enjoy the best of both worlds in one, compact device. Illuminate your surroundings while setting the mood with your favorite tunes, all from a single device.

True Wireless Stereo (TWS)

The Olantern music takes entertainment to the next level with its TWS capability. They create a wonderful audio experience that is best for impromptu karaoke sessions or family movie nights. Immerse yourself in high-standard; rich sound as you enjoy your favorite movies or sing along to your favorite songs.

Customize your lighting experience with this device. By turning the knob clockwise, you can gradually transition the light from cool white to warm, permitting you to set the best ambiance for any occasion. Whether you prefer a cozy hot glow or a crisp cool light, the Olantern music gives the right control over your lighting.

Olight’s family

The Olantern Music is part of the Flights family of multipurpose lighting solutions. The Obulb pro-S Grey, another member of this family, provides app-controlled stepless dimming, colorful, and smart light, with the highest output of 240 lumens and an amazing runtime of up to 156 hours. It is the perfect option for roadside emergencies, camping adventures, nightlights, decorative lighting, and entertaining gatherings.

Olight Olantern music

This is a game-changing device that gathers the ease of illumination with the joy of music. Whether you are enjoying a night under the stars, hosting a gathering, or just need reliable lighting, the Olantern music has you covered.

With its TWS capability, stepless dimming, and high-standard sound, it is the best companion for lighting and entertainment needs. With Olight commitment to versatility and durability, you can trust the Olantern Music is a device designed to improve the experience and brighten your moments.

How to use TWS mode?

First, you need two Olantern music lights. Then turn on Bluetooth, and press the interconnect key to turn off or on the TWIS feature, accompanied by a beep sound. After thirty seconds of activation, if not paired, it will mechanically turn off. When paired successfully, you can run any person and the other one will mechanically synchronize.

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