The Cost of Rim Repair

So you were about to get in your car when all of a sudden you noticed damage to the rim of your wheels. Now you are faced with a decision, how are you going to fix this? But more importantly how much does it cost to repair a rim ? Let’s go over some factors to consider…

Repair Factors

There will always come a day where in one way or another our cars need to be fixed. When this happens it can be frustrating, and we can worry about how we will be able to afford the repair. There are many ways that a repair can go but there are a few things to know before you make a decision.

When it comes to these types of repairs the cost can significantly vary depending on several factors. These factors might be: The type and intensity of the damage, the material of the rim itself, and ultimately how you decide to repair it.

When it comes how much does it cost to repair a rim of your beloved car it’s not only the aesthetics that may be damaged, but your safety and the performance of your vehicle can be affected too. This is why it is so important to take care of this problem right away. Not to worry you will have options and will be able to make an informed decision after reading this article.

Types of Damage

The most common damage to rims tends to be surface level, these can occur from something as simple as accidental brushes with curbs to debris from the road. Most of the time these nicks and small dents can be affordable to fix, as long as they have not damaged the actual structure. This Damage can be repaired with cosmetics and/or a rim straightening device that can be found at your local hardware or car repair shops.

We must also look at the material of the rim to determine the cost. The most common rims are made from an alloy, these are favored for their affordability and lightweight nature, however, they are more susceptible to damage such as cracking and bending under pressure. Another common material is steel, while less likely to be damaged in the first place, they can cost a pretty penny to repair if they do end up breaking.

Choosing a Repair Shop

Your next decision will be where you want to take your car to get it fixed. If your car is under warranty you can simply take it to your local dealership and they will be able to complete the repair for you. However, with the rise in car prices many of our cars are past their warranty or even second hand. If that’s your case don’t fret, you can still take it to your dealership but you will have to pay out of pocket, this will be on the more expensive side and can cost up to $150+ per rim.

Another option, and more affordable is to take it to an independent shop that has good reviews online. These can be far more affordable with the same assurance of quality work with the added benefit of supporting local shops. Using a local shop may reduce your cost of repair your cost for repair to around $50, again depending on severity and material.

What now?

In conclusion, the cost of rim repair can vary but it is important to get the issues resolved quickly to prevent any further damage. As stated, the costs can range anywhere from $50- $150, sometimes more, depending on the cost of materials needed. Make sure to research multiple repair shops in your area to get the best price for you! For your safety and others who share the road with you, the investment to fix this problem quickly is of the utmost importance.

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